Error generating site map
« on: June 08, 2009, 06:40:26 PM »
I'm getting a error, when I use the online sitemap generator, but it doesn't specify the file. I recently created an html mirror site for my flash galleries. I have PHP script that detects mobile browsers redirects them to my html mirror site The link to the free script is I also get an error when I use the search engine simulator. Is there line of code that I need to insert in my index.php file? How do I fix this? I've tried checking the headers (is that the right term?), but don't know what to do with the results. I am able to generate a sitemap when I type in but there is an xml validation error that reads:

XML Parsing Error: unclosed token
Line Number 4708, Column 7:      <node final="
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Re: Error generating site map
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you should just upload resulting sitemap.xml file to your site and submit it to Google to see if it reports any issues.
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