Free online generator not picking up new pages
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I have been using XML sitemaps for SEO for a long time. I use both and also iGoomap, a Macintosh app. Both have been bulletproof for creating weekly sitemaps of my 15 client sites hosted on various servers. But this week, I uploaded some new pages to a few of these, went in to create updated sitemaps, and the new pages are not being listed in the XML sitemap. The pages are viewable on the web, but no matter what I do now, neither the iGoomap app or the free online generator at will pick up new pages added to any of my sites.

Please help. These xml sitemaps are critical to my successful SEO campaigns.
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Re: Free online generator not picking up new pages
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do you have links to those new pages somewhere on your site, so that sitemap generator can find them?