I'm using Standalone Sitemap Generator (PHP) v3.0, 2009-05-19.

I keep seeing the Sitemap file is not writable and I'm using this on ii6 with windows 2003.  I gave the iusr write permission to the entire generator directory.  What can I do to allow it to write to the sitemap.xml?



make sure that you allow write access for IUSR_* usergroup, so that scripts are able to modify your sitemap files.
Thanks but I already have iusr with the write permission to the entire generator folder and subfolders.  This is odd but I created a new site with the same permissions and now I don't see the error about not being able to write to the sitemap.xml.  Now there's an error about it not being able to write to my sitemap.html file.  I checked to make sure that the file and folder have write permission by the iusr and it does.

You should also manually create empty file named "sitemap.xml", put it in domain root folder and allow write access to it.
Thanks for you reply.  I'm not getting the sitemap.xml error anymore now.  I'm still getting this one though "Sitemap file is not writable: D:\website\generator\data\sitemap.html".  The file is there and the iusr has write permission to this as well.  Thanks again.


try to remove sitemap.html file and make sure that "data" folder has write permissions for IUSR_.
We've decided to move this sitemap app to a dev server of ours for testing.  This is still an ii6 windows 2003 server.  Not sure why but even though the iusr has write permissions to the entire folder/file structure I'm still seeing these errors.  Is there something else other than giving the iusr write permission?

Sitemap file is not writable:  C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\generator\sitemap.xml
Sitemap file is not writable: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\generator\data\sitemap.html
I gave the iusr, users, and the everyone group write permission and I still get the not able to write error.