I'm exploring the free version using my websites 'buy1or2.com' and 'paw-things.com'.

Context: I started off years ago with 'buy1or2.com'. A couple of years later a specific groups of products had materialised (things for dogs!) so I created the domain 'paw-things.com'.

Altogether, buy1or2.com consists of 100+ pages; paw-things.com is one page.

All the pages are entirely html (no javascript nor anything else) and all are linked from the website home page (within a click or two).

I'm trying the generator both with and without the 'www' in the url (for what it's worth, I'm getting the same results for both).

Here's my problem:

On the buy1or2.com index page I have links to five different products and a link to the group of 'doggie' products.

The sitemap generator correctly generates a list of pages of the five different products. The 'arriving' page for the group of 'doggie' products is the paw-things.com page so, correctly, that page isn't listed. My problem is that the product pages linked from the paw-things.com 'arriving' page are all buy1or2.com pages.

Noticing that the generated list wasn't including any pages linked from paw-things.com, as a test I used the generator on the url of one of these 'un-located' sub-folders - http://www.buy1or2.com/4u. The sitemap generator generated a list of 60 pages.

Some of the 60 pages are within the '4u' folder. Many of them are not in that folder (or its sub-folders). For example, here are two items from the generated list:


The first item is within the '4u' folder; the second item is not.

I then tried another sub-folder - http://www.buy1or2.com/keep-kleen - whose pages hadn't been included in the http://www.buy1or2.com/4u list; this time the generator only listed files within that folder.

Can anyone explain these apparently-confusing result inconsistencies, please.

But this is my big question:

I want to generate a list which includes all the buy1or2.com pages (I realise it will exclude the paw-things.com page). Is there any way I can do this?

I realise I could rename all the pages which link from the paw-things.com 'arrival' page with paw-things.com names and assemble two site maps, one for buy1or2.com and another for paw-things.com. However many of my buy1or2.com pages (which would/could more sensibly now be under the paw-things.com domain) have high visibility in Google searches and I don't want to risk them disappearing!

Thanks for any help.
You should make sure that all links on the site are pointing to the same domain, otherwise thet cannot be included in the same sitemap.
Oleg Ignatiuk
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OK. Thanks.

I've duplicated the single file which has a different domain name and used the duplicated file (which I've named in the same domain as the remainder of the web) within the web; all pages are now indexed in the site map.

At least, they are when I run a non-www generated list (ie, buy1or2.com).

When I run a www generated list (ie, www.buy1or2.com) the list displays just 27 entries (the 26 it was generating yesterday plus one for the newly 'duplicated' page referred to above).

(Question: Am I understanding correctly that the non-www generated list include www's, where a www generated list doesn't include non-www's?)

Reading this forum I know you're going to tell me to rationalise all the links to be non-www. However, I can't find any links which include 'www'; quite what is it I'm looking for, to change? For example, I see that on page http://www.buy1or2.com/smocks/index.html I have a link to '../index.html'. Is this somehow converting into being http://www.buy1or2.com/index.html for the site map? If this is so, and if this is the issue, what should I change it to?

Don't know much, do I!