Not all pages indexing
« on: April 23, 2010, 07:34:19 PM »
Hey, I'm *really* new at all this, but I tried to index my site both as and as and either way I only get 20 pages indexed. Its a photography site, the main gallery pages are indexing, not the individual photo pages, and several of my main pages aren't getting picked up, all are in the top menu on the site. like my about page,

Please help!

Also, i'm not entirely sure how to figure out the url of the sitemap once its right and uploaded. any help for a web n00b?
Re: Not all pages indexing
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A lot of the links in your site are coded in javascript that search engine robots can't understand which is why some pages are not indexed.

You can see how search engine robots view your site at
Philip Nicosia