FIRST - I--like many others--lost my hard drive since originally buying your program. (I had to reformat after using Windows Update on a non-Intel machine, which killed my HD.)

SECOND - How about embedding an upgrade link in the notification email, like MOST companies do??

THIRD - I never could get your original sitemap generator to make ANYTHING but an Alphabetized Sitemap.  It would NOT produce a hierarchy sitemap.  Has THAT been fixed??  If not, I have no interest in upgrading.

Bruce Hopkins
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I dont have the email with the download link anymore... could you send it again to me please?

Since getting the email, I have gotten my first iMac and could not convert over my emails to Entourage. Therefore, I no longer have the link email. How do I get the link?
Thanks for the upgrade.
I use Oscommerce and after the upgrade my site map is only index.php and contact us.php.
I must have configured something wrong but I dont know what?
All help appreciated.
Warm regards
Douglas Walker
UPDATE on my Earlier problem concerning XML sitemaps not making the HTML File:

When I disable:
Minimize script memory usage:
 use temporary files to store crawling progress
this option may significantly increase crawling time

Then I makes it. Since this is a new option, Oleg maybe you can take a look at it. So when it's enabled it also makes HTML sitemaps.


Dear Oleg

Thank you for the new version! I am gratefull.

I have on PROBLEM: it does not make html sitemaps in the folder that i choose. How do I solve this problem? In the config I have set everything up as usual, previous script made HTML sitemaps perfectly.


please make sure that you allowed write access to that custom folder (0777 permissions).
Really glad you now have "Parse Only URLs" - how do I upgrade - can I pay you to do this?

Many thanks and regards,

Kenny Smith

upgrading is done by simply uploading new files from the package, overwriting existing ones.
If you need assistance please order the installation service here:
I'd like to thank everyone for your comments on the new version of sitemap generator! :)

We are happy to see the activity on the support forum and your interest in the progress of our product/service.

I'm going to close the thread now and keep it for announcement purposes only.

If you need help in troubleshooting the issue, please create a new topic since it would be much easier to track it.

If you have lost your activation email with download link, please PM me and I will re-send it to you! :)