xml sitemap last modified date?
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Hello xml sitemaps,
I recently added the xml  sitemap to my site and Google indexed 64 of the 236 pages. I do not know why they did not index all the pages?  I think everything is ok, but when I try to look at the date when last modified I can't seem to open the xml sitemap in my server file. It says I can download it, and I tried that, but could not find it afterward. I just want to check and make sure it is working and the dates are changing when I modify a page. I think it is supposed to do that automatically. Is that correct or do I manually change the dates of last modified page date each time I make a change? If date changes automatically is their a way for me to see that in my remote site file? Thanks for any advice you can give me as this is all new to me.

Have a great day!

Tony :)

P.S. I am able to open the original file in my documents, but that xml file has the original dates of when I added the xml file and not any updates, I think because it is not on the server.
Re: xml sitemap last modified date?
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This is something I wanted to find out as well. How do we get the last modified date onto this sitemap. Is that not a supported function of your sitemap generator? If it isn't then our sitemaps will not be compliant with sitemap.org guidelines.

Re: xml sitemap last modified date?
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sitemap generator has a special setting that allows you to choose last modification date/time - "use server response", "specific date/time" etc.
You can download sitemap.xml via FTP to check its content.