I recently purchased the Unlimited version, I have a problem that I would rather post the Unlimited section.
I have registered on the forums yet it is not allowing my to post in the Unlimited section, which I am assuming is due to me registering with a different email address to that which the link was sent to (I use a different email address for PayPal).

When I try updating my account with this email address, it says this email address is already in use, though I haven't created an account with this email.

Please help. If an admin responds I will PM my PayPal email address.


Okay, me again.

Looks like all I needed to do was a 'I forgot my password' which sends you an email that has your user-name.

Given that I am ebay94, I would image a lot of other users were in the same boat when using their PayPal email address.

okay, just deleted my ebay94 account, changed my email to the PayPal one I used for purchasing, however it looks like it hasn't associated the purchased status with my account.

Admins, please help me out.