Hi I am completely new to websites.  I am trying to set up an information website for my daughter pre-school.  I have set up the website through googles Getting British Business Online free website. [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]  Now I want it to be actually found on googles search engine.
 I have found out I need a 'sitemap' to do this so I now have Googles Webmaster Tools.  I also have a site map for my website from XML's free sitemap generator.
 What do I do next?????  Its says I need to upload my sitemap to my website before uploading it to webmaster tool, but i can't work out how to do this on my website, there are only a few things I can edit and nowhere can I find "public_html/"    Is this because it is a free template website??
Please can anyone help me????   
Re: How do I get my free XML sitemap url uploaded to my free GBBO website?
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you should put sitemap.xml file to your website, similar to how you upload other files to it (assuming you do).