URL forwarding
« on: October 14, 2006, 01:11:52 PM »
Our domain is www.whiteplainshistory.org.  We purchased it from GoDaddy and are using their domain forwarding feature to forward to

This seems to present problems to Google and Sitemaps.com.

With respect to Google, an ordinary sitemap.txt file was created http://www.whiteplainshistory.org/sitemap.txt but Google complains that the file is an unsupported format.

With repsect to Sitemaps.com, specifying http://www.whiteplainshistory.org gives only one link, the home page itself, while specifying results in "An error occurred".

The bottom line is that we'd like Google to recogniize our site www.whiteplainshistory.org.   Suggestions welcomed.

Re: URL forwarding
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I am not sure how helpful you may think this sounds but my advice to you would be to do away with domain forwarding.
Philip Nicosia