Different User Rights
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i installed the tool and basicly it works fine. But now i would use it with as a cron Job, but there is a user problem.

With Web-Fronend the User "nobody" is used ( i think Apache User from my Hoster ) - e.g. the data/generator.conf is created with this user.
I use the Parameter "use temporary files to store crawling progress" and if i do a crawling process (with the web frontend) all files stored as User "nobody".
Now comes the Cron Job and this is not nobody ! So this job can NOT update,replace,.. the data/process Files.

What can i do ? I can not change the cron- or WebUser.

For now, i clean all Files and not using Actions with the Web-Frontend.. is there another solution for this User-Right-Problem ?  ( Sticky Bit ?? )


PS.: sorry.. my english is not the best  :(
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Re: Different User Rights
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you can also set all files permissions to 0666 to allow them to be modified in both cases.
Re: Different User Rights
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the problem is at first time there is no file on which i can set Permissions. The data/process folder is created from the first user who start the crawling. Another example is the sitemap.html, sitemap2.html (..). The cron User create this sitemapX Files, but in Frontend i can't read them because the cron-User umask is 022 . For now, i reset Permissions on existing files to 0666, but so i never can read new Files in frontend without doing this.

I'm affraid it gives not a solution ?


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Re: Different User Rights
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you can create an additional shell script to run generator cron task like:
chmod -r 0666 /path/generator/data/*
/usr/bin/php /path/generator/runcrawl.php
chmod -r 0666 /path/generator/data/*
Re: Different User Rights
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ah, yes.. i dont see the easiest way ;)

I do it so:
Code: [Select]
chmod -Rf a+wr xxx/data/* > xxx/crawlWrapper.log
/usr/local/bin/php xxx/runcrawl.php >> xxx/crawlWrapper.log
chmod -Rf a+wr xxx/data/* >> xxx/crawlWrapper.log
rm -rf xxx/data/sess_* >> xx/crawlWrapper.log
because the 0666 remove the x on data/progress.

So the cron User now create the Files and the 'nobody' User can read this in the xml-sitemap-Frontend. The qay to start crawling by frontend i don't need.
( hmm.. so i think i can also do chmod a+r  )

( The rm is because the sess_ Files are not cleaned.. )

Thanks for help..

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