500 vs Unlimited
« on: February 14, 2012, 10:44:28 PM »
Hello All,

If I have just launched a new website over an old one, with all the old links now 'broken', will the sitemap resolve the problem where Google shows all the old links and not my new ones?

Also, is it worth buying the unlimited edition if the website has about 750 pages?

The website is an online store by the way, in case that helps!

Re: 500 vs Unlimited
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it will take some time for Google to drop old pages form index and include new ones, and sitemap will help to get new pages in index faster.
it's better to have all pages included in sitemap, so if your site greater than 500 pages, then standalone version is recommended.
Re: 500 vs Unlimited
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I believe it is about 8000 pages - so probably best I buy the paid for version. And there is also an installation service, correct?

Is there any way to get google to hurry up and drop the pages - our traffic has dropped by 60% since we switched over!
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1. yes, there is an installation service option too.

2. I'd recommend to setup a 301 redirect for old URL, pointing to corresponding new URLs or domain root (using .htaccess file if your host supports mod_rewrite module)