Image Sitemap 'caption'
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I have been using Sitemap Generator for about 7 months now (works great) and just added the Image sitemap option and am a little confused. All my images have an <alt> tag but only 10 out of 3214 images display this info as <image:caption> in the sitemap_images.xml file. I searched the forum and read the generator uses <alt> or <title> tag for this info. I am wondering if I need to add a <title> tag with the same info as <alt> tag to add the info to the sitemap.
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please let me know your generator URL/login in private message to check this, and include example page with image that is not included correctly.
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 oops!! My Image Sitemap is working perfectly, now that I fixed MY screw up! I have my product names set as '<b>Product Name</b> - Short description'. This what is passed to my image display function, and used for the 'alt' attribute (I don't bother with 'title' attribute as my java tooltip script would just have to remove it). I simply added 'strip_tags()' before creating the 'alt' attribute and the world is wonderful once again, all images now have an <image:caption>. In my defense, I never read anywhere that the 'alt' attribute cannot contain any html tags... aw heck, they say a little humility builds character... I must have a lot of character by now!

Thanks for the offer Oleg, just glad I didn't waste too much of your time.
Humbly Yours,