I need help. I am new
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I need some help. I don;t understand very well how all these things work. I had installed the trial version( free one )  af this generator last fall. Now, i bought the standard one and the addition for images.

i have a forum and i am almost ready to realease the portal also. We ( me and my partner) noticed that the images that are uploaded in topics, plus all the images from Gallery are not indexed by Google. Even that we saved the image with a description name, that are not shown in google image search. That;s the reason we came back to you and bought the generator.

i downloded the zip, unzip, I deleted the generator folder from public.html , i created an empty one and i moved all the files from unzip to the new folder, with all the subdir...
i have created the empty sitemap, ror and sitemap_images as you sugested and i overwrited

I set up the configuration, i crawled ( it took 5 hours) and the generator created the sitempas.

I received an email telling me "Hello,
sitemap for your website has been updated.   

My questions are:
1. I can not download the files ar how to download them
2. Should i download them and upload on server, or they are already there
3. u said that i have to tell google about the sitemaps, or... i am nor so sure about the procedure. How google will now about all the urls
4. Do i have to re run all the procedure every day for the new entries? or how does it works?
5. I still did not fix problem with the images. In analyze there are only 2 urls for gallery

anyway, can anybody take a look and tell me what i have done good, what shall i do next, or how to fix cause, the more i read about it, the more confuse i am about this issue called SEO.

My big frustation is that i personaly created some tehnical images. I uploaded them in the forum, i renamed them so they can be find easily with google, and still they are not indexed, not even i am searching the full name of the image :(((((.

Thanks very, very, very much for any help you, guys, can give it to me.

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1,2. there is no need to download sitemap files since they are already on your server.
3. You need to open google webmaster account:
and add your site and sitemap.xml there.
4. If you want to have sitemaps automatically recreated, you need to setup a scheduled task in your hosting control panel.
5.  What is an example of image URL and page where that image is located?
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Thanks very much for your answer and help.

I figured out the first 3 points by myself. In webmastertools I have added the all sitemaps generated. It said that i sent 22 463 url's and google index only 9400 urls. It says no error. So.... what happened with the rest till 22 000???

Regarding the images.

here is a topic from my forum, where uploaded 3 images, all jpg.
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this is just an example. None of the images are indexed by google. Why? what i do wrong.

Also, here is the photo gallery, where we stock a lot of images for inspiration. The sitemaps_images has 1900 url . in this situation, google still working on index. they are on a waiting line

anyway, here is the url for 1 photo from gallery

[ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]

Thanks for help.

I am not sure i understood the solution for automatically updating. I have to go to cpanel, on my server and how i am setting that schedule task? where?

thanks again.

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Ok. i figured out what to do with that cronjob and where to put that comand.

I was looking on generator interface , on some extention that are added or not in sitemaps. i have noticed that jpg, gif, png where in NOT categorii. It is this correct? I took them off and set them in ADD extension.

please see attachment. maybe that was the cause for not taking them inti crowling...
offf i am not allowed to upload file
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Any help with sitemap_images? why did it crowled only one directory? i really nead to know what is wrong with images url.

Thanks for any help.
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there are *links* to images, while they must be *embedded* on page (with <img src="">), not linked from it.
Also, they are not visible to guest visitors on your forum, that's why bots cannot access them.
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I see.

Thanks for helping me.