Really dumb Question?
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 ???  I feel really silly for asking this question, but perhaps there are others out there like myself, but are afraid to ask.  The Question:
What do you do with the winRAR thing?  How do I get my program out of it?  (I think it ate it)  Is there a way to make it regurgiate it right where I want?  And then what do I do with it.  I found no exe file in there. is there supposed to be one?  The largest file is a document.   HELP   Thanks    :'(  Doug
Re: Really dumb Question?
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Hello Doug,

winrar application is executed since package is an "archived" file. You should unpack it and upload to your server via FTP. There are no exe files since this is not a desktop application, but  a script that should be executed at the server.
Please check documentation here:
and "Installation in easier words" thread:,7.html