I currently have about 12 sites run from a single CMS all with unique domain names.  I was hoping that I could create individual sitemaps for all these sites using a single instance of xml-sitemap-generator running off a scheduled task (Win2008) and either passing in parameters for the starting url and the sitemap file name and sitemap url or having it read these from a config file.  Is this possible?

I had a look at runcrawl.php to see how it works but it is obfuscated so it wasn't much help to me.  I really don't want to install multiple copies of xml-sitemap-generator (and scheduled tasks) to achieve this.



Re: Create sitemaps for multiple domains run from a single directory/CMS
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I have solved my problem.

I created a generator.conf file for each of the sites I want mapped. I then wrote a vbScript which swaps the default generator.conf file in /data for the site specific one.  The script then calls runcrawl.php.  Once the crawl has run the script then copies in the next site specific generator.conf file.  I can call my vbScript from the Windows Task Scheduler.

Maybe there is a better way?