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« on: May 15, 2009, 03:41:13 AM »
A couple days ago I was using the Free Online Sitemap Generator and paid $5 to view broken links. They were listed at the bottom of the page that has all of the download links. I was able to fix them and recreated my sitemap.

Just recently I updated my sitemap and viewed the sitemap.html. I noticed a broken link in it. How come I wasn't notified I had a broken link after my sitemap finished creating?
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do you mean that you have created sitemap with online generator and it includes the link that points to "file not found" page?
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The first time I used the Free Online Generator there was a link or something at the bottom of the page right below the "XML Sitemap Content" box. There was something saying I had 9 broken links. To view the broken links I had to pay $5. I paid the $5 and was then shown which links in my sitemap were broken. I fixed those links and moved on. Since then I have yet to see the same message saying I have broken links. I figured my links have been fine, until the other day when I was viewing my sitemap through the sitemap.html file I noticed my redirect page with a bad link. What I am saying is, when I create my sitemaps I was expecting to see a message telling me I had broken links. I was expecting to see this message in the same place I originally saw it before I paid $5 to view the links.

Does the online generator no longer tell you if you have broken links?
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I just placed a broken link on my website. The broken link is [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]. The correct link is /contact/, singular.

I created the sitemap and the only way I can tell if I have a broken link is by scanning the HTML sitemap for "Sorry, this page is not found" buried somewhere in my sitemap.
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Hi, your server is returning a 200 OK header instead of a 404 Page Not Found header so the script is unable to see this as a broken link.

You can see for yourself by entering the url into our http header viewer at
Philip Nicosia