Not updating sitemap {Solved}
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{Solved} By using your SE Robot Sim, I found that the links I was trying to include, were being denied because they were listed in the Robots.txt file as disallowed.

I don't know why, but I noticed that my sitemap is not getting updated.  I have it setup on a Cron Job and also do it manually, but it does not add new links to the sitemap.

I have even upgraded to the latest 3.0 version.  The only thing that does seem to change it the broken link number from 0 to 2, but the number of links remains unchanged.

I think I have everything setup correctly, but I can use some help.  We are running a Joomla! based website, but everything seems to be set right.  You can view our site at [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ] org and our generator page is [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]

Thanks in advance. 
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Re: Not updating sitemap {Solved}
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Great! I'm glad that SE bot simultor has helped you to find the issue.