Yesterday vs. Today
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I came here yesterday to build an initial sitemap for a site I am working on, and all worked fine.  Today, I added 7 more pages to complete the site work.  I came here tonight to generate a new sitemap, but it gave me the exact same results as yesterday's version.  All pages are accessible without problems, so not sure why this is happening.  Is this normal?
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I manually added the additional pages to the sitemap.  The generator still shows only 13 pages.  I use a drop down menu for all pages and there is no bad coding in that.  All the menus work fine.  Oddly enough, the generator does not pick up the pages in the order that they are in within the dropdown menu.  Weird.
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please let me know an example URL that is not included in sitemap.
I'd also recommend to try our search engine bot simulator to check if your pages are visible to crawler:
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Tried the simulator and another online.  Realized that Google does not see my drop down selection choices as URL's, although they are. 

    <form method="GET" action="URI">
      <select onChange="if(options[selectedIndex].value) 
      <option>Select One -----&gt;</option>
      <option title="Mortgage Calculator" value="mortgage-calculator.php">Mortgage Calculator</option>
      <option title="View From Lot" value="lot-view.php">View From Lot</option>
      <option title="Snowbird Home Lot" value="lot.php">Home Lot Map</option>
      <option title="Snowbird Home Plat Map" value="plat-map.php">Home Lot Plat Map</option>
      <option title="Pueblo Estates" value="pueblo-estates.php">Pueblo Estates HOA</option>
      <option title="Businesses Nearby" value="businesses-nearby.php">Businesses Nearby</option>
      <option title="Clubs Activities" value="activity-clubs.php">Clubs &amp; Activities</option>
      <option title="HOA New Home Rules" value="hoa-new-home-rules.php">HOA New Home Rules</option>
      <option title="Your Dream Home" value="dream-home.php">Your Dream Home</option>
      <option title="Pool Jacuzzi" value="pool-jacuzzi.php">Pool &amp; Jacuzzi</option>
      <option title="Club House" value="recreation-center.php">Recreation Center</option>
      <option title="Billiard Room" value="billiard-room.php">Billiard Room</option>
      <option title="Library" value="library.php">Library</option>
      <option title="Exercise Room" value="exercise-room.php">Exercise Room</option>
      <option title="RV Storage" value="rv-storage.php">Recreational Vehicle Storage</option>
      <option title="Game Courts" value="courts.php">Game Courts</option>
      <option title="Park Areas" value="park-areas.php">Park Areas</option>
      <option title="Area Golf Courses" value="golf-course.php">Area Golf Courses</option>
      <option title="Area Attractions" value="area-attractions.php">Area Attractions</option>
      <option title="Southern AZ Retirement" value="FAQ.php">Your FAQ's</option>
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Yes, you should have them as regular html links (<a href="">) so that crawlers can find them.
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Yup, got my sitemap straightened out with some coding changes.  I have one question.  I used the 'automatic priority' option and it set all of my pages to 0.80 (see sitemap [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ].  Is this normal?  Could you explain the 'priority' setting?

Still not getting Google to 'pay attention' to the pages in the sitemap.  Think it is time for me to submit to other search engines.  LOL

Thanks for all your help.  I wouldn't have known about the drop down selection box limitation without it!   :-*
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all links on your site are found from homepage, so there is just one "depth level". That's why homepage got priority of 1.0 and other pages of 0.8. That is normal.