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Tyler Ingram, Web Developer Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc 12345678910111213  Competitive Intelligence Tool: SEM and SEO Reports for your websites forum Your Opinion We'll be happy to receive your testimonial for one our products: Free Online Generator, Standalone PHP Script or Pro Sitemaps Service. Privacy policy Contact Pro Sitemaps Our sitemap: XML, HTML, Images, Video, News © 2005-2022 XML-Sitemaps Got it! This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more

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Our search engine robot simulator shows how your website pages are seen from the search engine point of view. It will list all links on the pages and separate them into sections for links that are:

  1. Internal Links
  2. Links restricted by robots.txt
  3. Links that are restricted by nofollow attribte
  4. External links
It will also show you all text on the pages that is spidered in the order of detection.

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