Sitemap Generator Updates: Change Log
« on: August 30, 2007, 06:10:03 PM »

this is the thread that collect all updates to the Standalone Sitemap Generator script and new version releases.
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July 30, 2007
v2.6 of Sitemap Generator released

version highlights:
    * sitemap ping for and (Live Search)
    * memory usage optimized
Re: Sitemap Generator Updates: Change Log
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2007, 05:33:34 PM »
Hello All,

Sitemap Generator v2.7 has been released.

   * xml sitemap is now template based, which allows to integrate xsl stylesheet into your sitemap. Templates are defined in: sitemap_index_tpl.xml, sitemap_xml_tpl.xml and sitemap_ror_tpl.xml files.
   * priority attribute can be assigned automatically by sitemap generator script now, just enable corresponding checkbox in configuration. Priority is descending with depth level: the highest priority is assigned to your homepage and the lower values are set for other pages, depending on how many "clicks" it takes to reach the page.
   * minor bug fixes and improvements
Re: Sitemap Generator Updates: Change Log
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Sitemap generator 2.8 released
December 27, 2007

    * ping
    * new settings group added: Advanced settings (click [ + ] to unhide the options group)
    * meta description tag can be (optionally) extracted (can be enabled in Advanced settings)
      This option is used in ROR sitemap and HTML sitemap. Default sitemap templates updated correspondingly.
    * Clear session (or others) parameters from URLs (advanced settings section)
    * IP address connection can be defined (advanced settings section)
    * Progress storage type: "serialize" or "var_export"
      Try to change this setting if you are getting higher memory usage
    * Changelog order can be changed in config file (xs_chlogorder option should be manually changed in file)
Re: Sitemap Generator Updates: Change Log
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2009, 12:15:40 PM »
Sitemap Generator 2.9 released

# automatic email notifications sent every time sitemap is generated
# html sitemap customization: date format selection (xs_dateformat), order folders by name (xs_htmlnameorder)/li]

    * http/1.1 protocol supported
    * memory usage optimized, new option to define memory limit
    * option to allow pages with http response code different from 200 to be included in sitemap (xs_allow_httpcode)
    * minor bug fixes and improvements
Re: Sitemap Generator Updates: Change Log
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Sitemap Generator v3.0 released

    * new sitemap type: Mobile Sitemaps are now supported
    * new feature: noise content exclusion presets supported (X-Cart, osCommerce, vBulletin and others)
    * new feature: track the list of all links pointing to external sites
    * new feature: weblogupdate: notification can be optionally sent to services like Technorati
    * new feature: configuration files converted to xml and data folder protected for better security
    * new feature: automatically remove old log records
    * new option added: "Parse Only URLs"
    * update: HTTPS sites are supported now (openSSL support is required)
    * update: gzip content-encoding via http supported
    * update: multiple entries allowed in "Include Only Option"
    * fix: sitemap links in email notifications
    * other fixes
Re: Sitemap Generator Updates: Change Log
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Sitemap Generator v4.0 released

    * (new feature) include images information in sitemap
    * (new feature) automatically resuming of generator when crawling stops
    * (new feature) XSLT stylesheet is applied to all xml sitemaps
    * (new feature) embedded check for new versions of sitemap generator
    * update: new sorting and restructuring options for HTML sitemap formatting
    * update: canonical URLs meta tags are supported
    * update: multiple source pages can be tracked for broken links list
    * update: option to extract last-modification date/time for "Not parsed" links
    * other updates and minor bug fixes