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Your Online Sitemap Generator Service is just great. This is especially so for anyone who has limited web design and search engine optimization skills.

It is so simple to use that anyone can create a search engine friendly site map for their website with ease. I also like the broken link feature as well.

Sue Bedford

What can I say apart from Im very happy I found you!

I searched google, found other sites that claimed to create sitemaps on the fly but yours does exactly what it says on the tin.

Problems I had with other online sitemap generators include not being able to get the format I want i.e. a URL list which is great for bulk pinging and your spider is never gets stuck on any of my pages. Ultimately I dont need to wait for an email to say my site has been spidered, yours works as I wait! I wished I had found you a long time ago!

Many thanks for an excellent service!

Glenn Foster

As a life coach, getting my website indexed by Google was essential, but it was not something I had lots of time or money to spend on doing.

Finally a no-nonsense sitemap generator that is easy for even a newbie to use. Thanks very much XML-Sitemaps for doing the hard work for me and allowing me to concentrate on my clients.

An excellent tool!

Beth Burgess
Sort My Life Solutions (Smyls)

The Standalone Sitemap Generator Script is a fantastic tool backed by unparallel customer service.

It is this dedication to service that allows the elite companies such as xml-Sitemaps to rise above the competition. They took as much time as was needed to answer all of our questions and the script works flawlessly.

As our business grows, I am confident that xml-Sitemaps will continue to meet and to exceed our expectations.

R. Scott Niessner
Battery Nation, Inc.

I recently used your free on-line sitemap generator to create a sitemap for our website I am delighted to say that within just a few weeks the site is now naturally listed on page one of Google for a number of our search terms.

I am now investigating whether to opt for your pro service or the standalone product to progress things further!

It's hard to be impressed these days but I am delighted with the product and how easy it has been to get results.

Mike Denton

Do not hesitate to use this excellent site map generator service.

You will not regret the time or money spent!

Winston Bain

We have generated XML Sitemaps for a few of our websites using the Unlimited Sitemap Generator version and are now implementing it on other sites within our network.

In some cases we used it to replaced existing XML sitemaps on our Drupal and .Net because they were not being indexed well by Google, as reported in our Google Webmaster Tools account.

An example is which was indexing only 8 pages. Within a couple of days after installing, 94 pages are now being indexed by Google. When we used it for our organic traffic increased dramatically, over 100% within a week.

We are now implementing it on and

Oleg has been very prompt and helpful when ever we have had questions regarding set up etc. Which has been great since I am not a technician. I have no hesitation recommending this product.


Love this service! After getting ripped of by several SEO companies, i've been trying to learn the process myself. This sitemap generator has been a life saver.

Way easier to use than google's siempap generator!

Wes Hall
Premier Wildlife Services

Your Sitemap Generator is so easy to use, even for an internet novice like me.

I like that it gives me a summary of pages indexed, broken links etc. Fast and very useful.

Mark Warr

Your website is a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to generate a site map. It runs fast and is very easy to use.

And it also tells me if I have broken links. Very impressive! I would definitely recommend your website to any website owners.

Thank you very much! webmaster

XML Sitemaps is by far the easiest and most beneficial tool for creating a sitemap to submit to Google. We have used XML Sitemaps for all our sites and started using the product nearly 6 years ago.

Their "step by step" installation guide makes it a breeze to install XML Sitemaps and the "Exclude URLs:" section within the configuration panel makes it a snap to be sure that only relevant, quality content is included.

XML Sitemaps is a "must have" for any serious webmaster.

Stephanie Rosendahl

I'm very happy that my web design vendor recommended your site. I create a new sitemap.xml every Friday and upload it before I head out in the evening.

I encountered an issue last week with the broken links report and sent a message to support. I received a response and a satisfactory resolution the next morning - it's impressive!

Victoria Thomas
Sr. Marketing Manager

It was so easy to create a sitemap using this tool! The steps were easy to follow and it only took me a few minutes.

The broken link report was also extremely helpful. I have been able to go in quickly correct the errors on my site.

Thank you so much,
Rachel James

The Standalone Sitemap Generator Script is a heaven sent.

It truly makes generating and submitting a sitemap extremely easy. It is so user friendly even a computer novice such as myself can use it. I can't think of a better Sitemap generator out there and this is the one I recommend to all my associates.

Jon MacDula

I bought the Unlimited Sitemap Generator last week.

It was easy to install and configure, and after 4 days google has now indexed the majority of my pages and images on my image intensive site, almost 10,000 compared with the previous 88!

Thanks for a great tool, I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone with a website.

Rob sheppard

This is an amazing tool that every company should take advantage of. We recently put it on our site and noticed the results immediately.

It's easy and it can really help your website. It's really a no-brainer.

Simon Feuer
Apex Services

I couldn't believe how easy generated our sitemap - no messing about, no errors, no programming skills required! Just a few simple clicks and we were listed in Google easily and more quickly than letting Google crawl on its own.

A huge thank you

The Skiphiremarket Team

Your XML generator is much easier to use than others and always grabs each and every page in each and every sub-directory.It's very easy to understand.

There for i will able to update all information every day with out any problem.

Rabin Ku. Padhi

Wow, this software realy changed my life.

I'm an author and when trying to sell ANYTHING in today's online market, SEO is pretty much all that matters.

Using your software helped me boost my rank significantly on Google, and I've never sold more books!

Anthony Wayne

So easy to find and use - I keep wondering, "What's the catch?".

Forget trying to find a tool or extension in Dreamweaver - XML Sitemaps is quick, easy and absolutely free. I am SO impressed.

Elizabeth Johnson
Art Director

As an amateur website developer I have found this tool to be a serious help.

Not only has it provided website files, but by studying their contents I have learned a great deal about how search engines view my website and some things to do to increase my visibility.


In Russian language:

XML Sitemaps Generator - оказалось отличным решением все в одном для генерации сайтмапов для моих сайтов.

Он генерирует любые возможные вариации сайтмапов в полностью автономном режиме и ему не важен объем вашего сайта.

А цена гораздо ниже конкурентов. Вы платите только один раз, а используете его везде.

Very simple to use, I'm not a developer or SEO ninja but could figure out what to do straight way. A+

Duncan M.
Vetter Suggestion System

I have been using your free service for many years until yesterday when realising that one of my websites had gone over the 500 pages mark and I indeed then needed to purchase your sitemap php setup to put under my hosting.

I do not know why I did not purchase it sooner, it is so easy to install with perfect installation instructions, updates my google account automatically as the pages are crawled.

A fabulous piece of scripting, works brilliantly, very happy with my purchase and at such a great price.

Thank you so much.

Sam Gill

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