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Your online generator shocked me.
It was so simple and did more than any tool I have seen on the internet. Just click and go. Thanks for making something that even newbies like me can use.

John McKenna, American Home Inspection

Thank you SO much for your Free Online Sitemap Generator! Not only do you provide clear, concise directions on how to use it, but the tool itself is top notch. I recommend it to any webmaster wanting to create a super-fast html sitemap for their website, or a Google xml sitemap.

Keep up the good work!

Veronica Dubak
SurveyBounty, Fortuna Internet Solutions Inc.

Your XML sitemap generator is my all time favorite. With one click of the button, I have my Google, Yahoo and human site maps ready to go. I also found your free SEO book quite usefull.

You are the best! Keep up the good work!

Usiere Uko
Webmaster, Nigeria Galleria

You do not know how much this means to me to have a program that will automatically list all my tens of thousands of URLs. I have tried numerous free software programs that are just way too limited for the job I needed done. You guys are terrific too in the customer service department. It was well worth the $24.99 for the xml-sitemaps generator with installation.

Keep up all the good work. I am also going to refer your service to a lot of people mostly in web marketing with huge sites like mine.

Danny Taylor

Unbelieveable! This was extremely easy to understand--especially for the "not so computer savvy" and the tech support helped me incredibly.

The SAME day my sitemap was submitted to Google by tech support, my site was indexed. I am absolutely thrilled and wish I had found you all sooner!


What an awesome tool the sitemap generator is! I have two websites and even though I am not all that techno-savvy, I was able to generate and upload my sitemaps to Google in no time!

Without the Online Sitemap Generator Service I may never have gotten my sitemaps submitted. Thank you!

Karen Grant
Divine Finds, Inc.

Hi, just had to tell you that you guys have the best site map service anywhere. It's an incredibly easy tool to use.

Jay P.

You want easy? then use this Sitemap Generator system!!! A true time saver that is so welcome in the sitemap field. The most simple sitemap creator out there by far.

Why struggle...this system won't allow you to!!! Thank you guys for this wonderful service.

Doug Tanner

Strongly recommend this for webmasters who's managing multiple websites. This tool has literally cut down our work time for around 30 minutes per site. Multiply that with the number of sites we're managing, that is alot of hours!

It's also made our job of updating the sitemap alot easier. Thanks for keeping this tool free.


A newcomer to the sitemap game I found you through a search and thank God for that, I'd looked at a few sites but 'confuscious say' til I found you - how easy is that! Thank you so much for making life easier for some of us dimwits - a donation for such a wonderful service should be a requirement.

All the best from down under!

Stephanie Gray
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Thank you so much for such an easy to use product. I can't believe I finally found a product that does exactly as promised. I have recommended this to many of my associates that run websites. It is well worth the price.

Hollie Schultz

I used your online sitemap generator and was wildly impressed! I had used one on another site right before and it only picked up a few pages (and had several errors). Yours picked up 371 pages and validated completely! Thanks!


Wow. I, like so many others, have tried sitemap creator after sitemap creator, all to no avail. Until now. With dynamically generated sites it can be difficult to get them crawled, never mind indexed.

The Online site generator was so good, I can't wait to get my hands on the unlimited generator! I have some HUGE sites with large full databases of information. Getting them into a site map before would have been weeks of work.

This is just too easy.

Jodi Reichenberger

This is an amazing service! Not only does it outperform all of the competition, but it's easy to use and free! It is a "must-have" for all webmasters.

Chris Lewis
Alpaca Advantage

The Online Sitemap Generator is a fabulous tool. Its simply the easiest sitemap generator that I've come across. It grabs every page in each and every subdirectory which sets it apart from other generating tools. Its not just good in terms of usability, but in terms of output in multiple formats and quick generation time.

I have made a collection of best online tools and your Sitemap generator sure would be there all the time.

Keep up the Good work.

Aman Bahl

That's amazing! So simple, so easy... I was close to giving up on a google sitemap before I found your website.

Good stuff!

Luke Aldworth Davis

You guys rule!

The easiest way, by far, to make my sitemaps. One click and your done... And all for free, it doesn't get much better, great work guys and thanks!

Johan Lindblom

All that I can say is thank you for developing this script. You have saved me a lot of time and effort. Although I have only tried the free version so far, after looking at the demo I can see me buying the full version very soon.

This is THE best xml site map tool out there!

Again, thank you for developing such a wonderful product.

The Your BlueWorld Team

Thank God for XML-SITEMAPS.COM!!!

I have been messing with the google sitemap for about 6 months, off and on. I FINALLY found your site, and actually have a working SITEMAP.XML!?! AMAZING!?!?

I wish they would just put your URL on the Google sitemaps, and it would save everyone A LOT of TIME!!

Thank You Again for your kick-ass program! And for your Big Heart in Sharing Your Gratitude with the World! (Providing it FREE as well as your important advice)

Frank W Rupp, Reno, NV

Great site!

This tool is far better than any of the downloadable or online sitemap generators. Accepted by Google instantly.

Matthew Galvin,
Active Matrix Networks, Inc.

I just wanted to say that installing your XML-Sitemap Generator script today was one of the highlights of my day, week, year! Typically I must admit I'm a complete dunce when it comes to scripts, I always manage to mess them up. But... drum roll please!... I did it myself!

Thank you so much for creating a wonderful script. I've already created a full sitemap and cron job, and Google is now aware of the full extent of my site.

XML-Sitemap Generator is truly an outstanding product!

Theresa Cahill,
My Wizard Ads
Henderson, Nevada

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