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This is a great service. Does the job, spot on! Very clear with useful advise as well.

Peter Kearney
Quick Move Waste Skip Hire

Pro-Sitemaps has removed the forgetful task of updating my sitemap to google and other search engines when adding new pages via blogs or new products.

Fence Hire Team

Sitemaps XML Generator is a great tool and instantly improved the SEO ranking of our new website. The invaluable support from Oleg has been extraordinary and very much appreciated, as we are complete amateurs and novices at maintaining and building our website.

Absolutely fabulous service, support and a valuable, very reasonably priced tool.

Paul Holden
Managing Director

I am extremely grateful for your free sitemap tool. As I try to build a new business, the things you have to learn, produce, and navigate to be successful online is overwhelming. Producing a sitemap for Google/Bing was something that was seeming to be overwhelming until I discovered your website.

As things grow and I need additional support yours will be the first website I come back to.

Nick Schmitz

I am an SEO enthusiast who has been utilizing XML-sitemaps for a long time.

I examined almost all the XML sitemap generator tools that are available online, But I recommend XML-Sitemaps. It takes into account all the necessities of a website example from making sitemaps, alerting about any issues, and submitting a sitemap to various search engines.

Have a great day,


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