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This is a great service. Does the job, spot on! Very clear with useful advise as well.

Peter Kearney
Quick Move Waste Skip Hire

Pro-Sitemaps has removed the forgetful task of updating my sitemap to google and other search engines when adding new pages via blogs or new products.

Fence Hire Team

Sitemaps XML Generator is a great tool and instantly improved the SEO ranking of our new website. The invaluable support from Oleg has been extraordinary and very much appreciated, as we are complete amateurs and novices at maintaining and building our website.

Absolutely fabulous service, support and a valuable, very reasonably priced tool.

Paul Holden
Managing Director

I am extremely grateful for your free sitemap tool. As I try to build a new business, the things you have to learn, produce, and navigate to be successful online is overwhelming. Producing a sitemap for Google/Bing was something that was seeming to be overwhelming until I discovered your website.

As things grow and I need additional support yours will be the first website I come back to.

Nick Schmitz

I am an SEO enthusiast who has been utilizing XML-sitemaps for a long time.

I examined almost all the XML sitemap generator tools that are available online, But I recommend XML-Sitemaps. It takes into account all the necessities of a website example from making sitemaps, alerting about any issues, and submitting a sitemap to various search engines.

Have a great day,


I am using Xml Sitemap for years, the one only reliable sitemap generator, with easy options even a user not having much experience can use it.

Highly recommended tool for website users and seo, thanks keep it up.


Thank you for offering this service, I am a marketing person and not a techie GSC/Google Search Console was asking for a sitemap and my developer is Away. I did a search and found your site, typed in our URL and accomplished My goal!

It was so easy to create an xml sitemap I still can’t believe it.

I will be shouting to the universe about your capabilities!

Judie Hart
Web/SEO Consultant

I have to say that this is the most comprehensive sitemap tool i have ever seen!

The support has been fantastic and for 19.99 this is the best investment i have made in my website. I cannot say enough good things as i had been looking for something like this for a long time!

Thank you for providing such a wonderful tool that is an absolute necessity.

Own In Cabo Real Estate

I have been cleaning up several old articles at my website, There were many reported problems by Google. I subscribed to your service and have been using it to verify fixes.

I am happy to report that the latest sitemap creation detected no problems. Also, there should no longer be any mobile issues at Google.

I could not have accomplished this without your service and reports.

Royce Tivel

This free xml-sitemap generator is the perfect tool for anyone looking to make sure their sitemap is in the correct format and includes all their pages. It will save you A LOT of time! I'm so happy to have come accross this great service! Will definitely upgrade to the pro plan and automate the process once our site becomes large enough. Thumbs up!

And thanks a lot for creating it!

Sanja Hadzialic, CEO
BnB Holiday

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