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Your XML generator is a life saver. It is fast, easy to use and frankly speaking it safe my bunch of time cracking head to configure my sitemap.

This tool is seriously easy and just by few step, my site on the rolls, My web ranks has increased as a result and I really appreciate you web tools.

Chris Manxeon

We have been using the standalone sitemap generator ever since it came out and install the updates as they are released.

This software is an incredible value for the service it provides - it is not easy to create a script that will interact with a webserver and not cause issues. We have never had a problem using this sitemap generator and our site has 10,000+ pages.

Buy this script, it will give you a competitive advantage.

Netpaths Search Engine Optimization
Netpaths Search Engine Optimization

Although my web design apps generate site maps automatically, I have experienced Google incompatibility issues with these in the past and have stopped using them.

Your generator is total simplicity to use and is 100% reliable. Enough said!

Paul Libson
Director, About-Image

The most valuable SEO purchase we have made. The free tool we were previously using was hanging, and done little to make the job less frightening; not to mention, it wasn't nearly this fast!

We were deeply impressed by the immediate responses from support, and the level of service was well beyond any expectations from Oleg. It's not often I feel compelled to recommend a tool to fellow web-masters, but in this case, an exception is well warranted!

Will & George

The site map generator is absolutely the best and easiest to use on the planet. I highly recommend it.

Bob Metz
New Tech Graphics, Memphis Tennessee

Wow!! Thank you for such a fantastic product. I have had problems with my sitemap for the past 6 months and have tried everything I could think of to fix it. I used the Google Sitemap.xml app and it always gave me problems.

I then found your product and thought for the price it was worth a try...... Impressed is an understatement. I now have a perfect sitemap, the reports it gives like the broken links is so helpful but the ease of use is the winning aspect of the product for me.

I have set up the cron job to regenerate my sitemap every week (I change stock every day so need at least a weekly 'map) and I noticed a difference with my Google links within 24 hours of uploading the new sitemap - thanks again.

One very happy customer

I tried several scripts before using your script. This is undoubtedly the greatest script to generate sitemaps.

Its easy to use, fast and it can be set to run automatically using a cron job. The list of broken links provided by your tool is a real time saver.

Keep the great work going!

Kumar Sankaran

I would just like to express a testimonial for the free sitemap generator.

Fantastic! There are very few opportunities to use a free piece of instant magic like the free sitemap generator. It is virtually instant and Google webmaster tools picks it up perfectly every time. Great work sitemap team you have made all of our lives a bit easier, well done !


I have been using the free sitemap generator for about 9 months. I like its ease of use and the fact that it generates both an XML sitemap for use by robots and a HTML document I can upload straight to my website.

I am sufficiently happy with it that I have made a donation.

Mohammed Amin
Administrator is an invaluable tool for anyone who owns a website.

After wasting hours on frustrating attempts to generate a sitemap for my Google site, I happened upon, whose simple setup allowed me to get it sorted out in less than five minutes.

I can't recommend this excellent resource highly enough to webmasters everywhere.

Thank you,!


Creating a sitemap for is something that has been on my 'to do' list for a while but all the other sites made it seem so complicated so I never actually got round to doing it.

XML-sitemaps created my sitemap start to finish in less than 10 minutes, no fuss, no bother (and they have some other great tools too!)

Thank you for creating such a worthwhile and helpful service !


XML Standalone PHP Sitemap generator is very easy to install and very easy to use.

Compared to the online version it saves time and we can now create a fully customized HTML sitemap.

Thanks for this great software ! Webmaster

Thanks for the slam-dunk easy and quick service.

I just entered the URL, got up to get coffee and had a "download sitemap" link in front of me when I got back. Beautiful!

Kevin Cole
Sara Nelson Design, ltd.

I have frequently used the free version online to generate sitemaps, and it has worked great. Well, I decided to buy the standalone version including the images bundle, and I'm writing to say:


The installation was a snap, and it works perfectly. The price is fair for the time it saves me, and I thought I'd write to say, job well done.

Southern California

Wow, What a time saver.

My site has thousands of pages and this product really makes my job so easy. I was so surprised that I went back to see if there were any other products on offer!

I can't say enough, cheap, easy to install, easy to run, good auto reporting and even pings my list of search engines!

David Edwards
Site Manager

I have only recently found your service and am more than satisfied.

It does exactly as it is meant to, allows me to change the frequency to ensure search engines check my site more often or less often, it is easy to use and most of all, it's free.

I don't have a huge amount of html knowledge so finding something like this is perfect for my needs.

I use it for all of my sites now and as a web designer, need a product I can trust and recommend. Your site is located on my site as a recommended website and i am happy to do so.

Great product!!

Mel Smith
C/O Red Dog Web Design

I love your sitemap generator.

It's incredibly fast even on websites with thousands of pages. Before I found this software, I would spend days trying to put together sitemaps. It would timeout, restart, lose everything - what a nightmare.

No such issues with this software. THANKS!


Your online sitemap generator is something that frankly, I couldn't be without. It couldn't be simpler, couldn't be faster and I couldn't be more pleased.

I can't imagine how I lived without the broken link generator for so long! Now that I've discovered the online sitemap generator, I guess I have saved myself at least 40-60 hours of work over the course of a year, and that allows me to dedicate my time where it's most needed. Before I found you guys, I tried a handful of these so-called "fantastic" site map generators, but in all honesty, nothing compares. I tell every one of my fellow web designers about you, and I'm sure they are all using your products on a regular basis.

Thank you so much. Anything that can save me so much time gets a big A+ in my book!

Keep up the good work!

Eric Wexler
Seattle Custom Web Design

Thank you so much for being easy to understand...I am a real novice at this and got a sitemap for my website with ease...

I sent you a donation as a thank you for creating this user friendly program...

Thank you again

Cindy Bogard

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