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Just tried your unlimited sitemap generator script in a multilingual WordPress site, and I have finally found a sitemap generator that includes hreflang for language URLs. That’s great! Also you can include custom alternative language pages.

Highly recommended for webmasters who's managing websites in multiple languages.

Many thanks,
Irena Domingo
Wplang Blog (WordPress Multilingual)

We're using from v4 and I cannot be more satisfied with the results. Thanks a lot and keep on improving it.


I am an SEO engineer who has been using xml-sitemaps for many years on perhaps 20+ different Web sites both large and small and on the rare occasions there has been any kind of a problem tech support have resolved the problem very fast.

Last week however I simply did not believe the result delivered by xml-sitemaps and as well as asking xml-sitemaps to investigate I looked up all the xml site generators on page one of a Google Search. One of these companies charge $49 a month for a generator big enough to handle my site, none the less I paid the necessary $49 and was surprised to find that no two companies of the other 9 on page one of Google agreed as to how many pages there are in my .php based site.

I passed all the results to xml-sitemaps and in a matter of an hour or two they discovered that none of the other companies were correctly obeying my robots text. Once again Xml Sitemaps came up trumps and they were right I would whole heartedly recommend this company to you.

Terry Llewellyn

XML sitemap generator is one of the best sitemap generators around.

It caters to every necessity of a website i.e. from creating sitemaps,alerting about broken links to providing options for submitting for various search engines,it’s the best around.


Thank you for providing this great tool for free! It really helps a lot and saves a great amount of time.

Keep up the good work! Will allways recommend, best regards from Germany!

Best regards,
Torsten Sollitzer

Absolutely the best jargon-free, all options - let's make it work service!!!!

So happy I could get this done easily at the click of a button! This service can give your systems admin a nice coffee break!

Selina Davis

This is amazing! I went through so many other sites and they were either too complicated or I didn't feel I could trust them.

As a new business owner and rookie webmaster, I am SO GLAD I landed here and decided to go with you guys! It was so easy! Thanks so much for everything!!

Selina Davis

This is a fantastic tool – so quick and simple to use.

In less than a few minutes the map was complete and submitted to google!

Thank you so much!

Perfect Housekeeping

Use this excellent sitemap generator service!

It's much easier to use than any other sitemap generator. Thank you guys!

From Sabrina Wendlandt

This tool is incredible, my all time favorite. I've tried every other sitemap generator out there and is the best. I use it for every sitemap creation for all of my websites!

Thanks so much!

Chet Thornberry

Firstly i speak highly of your company and this tool, it makes us convenient.

1. Easy to use, auto generate without complex installation.
2. Friendly to Goole and Bing, after my submission, all our website showed in Google and get index soon.
3. Nice price!

I strongly recommend this tool to the guy who want to make things easier and powerful. Now i never need to worry how about my sitemap, just check XML sitemap.

Your online generator is fabulous. It's so intuitive and easy to use.

If there is an award for Most Useful Tool Online, this surely gets my vote.

I've been using this online service for a number of years now for my clients' small business sites, and it has been flawless in operation.

I've recommended you folks to many others over the years and will continue to do so going forward.

Thanks again! (I like your site upgrade too!)

Christopher M. Laspa
Creative Director, Principal

I Have been using for the last few years to map hundreds of pages on my site, on a regular basis.

I would like to say that it is an incredibly easy to use tool, and does a fantastic job of giving me all the site maps I need in a single zip file.

Thank-You guys – This is a great product.


The most straightforward instrument to make a sitemap all in all web. Nothing such basic can be discovered anyplace.

Keep the great work going.

Thanks for the great work

Malik Umar

We have used xml-sitemap generator for a number of years now on our websites around the world.

Working on a cron it updates those websites regularly and seamlessly without intervention.

Great product and a great tool for a busy team.

B&B Owners Association

At 911moves we’re a small website doing public information service in the disaster preparedness world. We’ve come here from years of work with fire and ambulance work. Your help and continued future and further work is appreciated greatly.

I’m amazed at the quick, systematic and professional manner your website and your programming works!

Thank you.

Glenn Hughes

Just used your site map generator and it was spot on! (webmaster for many years).

It listed the pages that I wanted and excluded the redirectors html pages that I had in the site to cover old Google listings for 404 errors.

Thanks a lot!


Thank you for making this tool available for those of us who generate a few simple websites now and then, but lack the expertise to create a functional “sitemap!”

VERY much appreciated, worked just fine…even I was able to use it!


I found this tool really easy to use and the result is best.

I've tried several different sitemap generators and I've found this one to be the easiest to use and it does the best job. Even better than Plugin ( my website uses WP engine)

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