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This tool is fantastic. Not only does it create you an XML sitemap but it also offers an HTML sitemap, text URL list and a couple of other options on top.

I've used the XML and HTML sitemaps generated here on over 20 sites now.

Chris Smith,

Absolutely super customer service.

I have no programing knowledge what so ever, and yet thanks to your amazing support it now works like a dream. I have already seen an increase in rankings which I put down to me being able to fix broken links that I didn't know existed until I used your sitemap creator. It's amazing and I can't thank you enough for your help. What a great piece of software, I was already recommended to you by a friend and will certainly let others know, simply fantastic.

Alan MacLachlan,

I have been searching the web for a easy-to-use sitemap generator. I have tried several sitemap generators but the best I found is the Online Sitemap Generator Service provided by

Easy to follow instructions for a newbie website owner like me. In just a few simple steps I was able to create sitemaps - to submit to Google, to Yahoo and a sitemap to place in my website for my visitors' convenience. This has considerably lessen my work in continually updating my website sitemap manually.

I have bookmarked the website of You should to.

Miriam Barredo,
Auto Search Philippines

Your sitemap generator saved me so much time, I wish I had found it sooner. I had my search engine sitemap created instantaneously, and submitted to Google within 10 minutes.

All this with a simple interface, without anything to download, and free.

I will gladly come back to use any of your chargeable services should I need them in the future.

Alexandra Pavlovic,

Thanks for providing such a great service free of charge. It's not surprising you come up so high in Google's rankings when you search for sitemaps.

You online sitemap generator made our sitemap just right - so there is no need for me to edit it.

Bernard Hibbs,

Totally suprised at the outcome, fantastic piece of kit, I can't thank you more!

Head Buzzer

You guys are GREAT! I spent a couple of frustrating hours with other sitemap generators, they all had errors in them! They got rejected, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why. It turns out that the others are not GOOGLE FRIENDLY FORMATS. Yours is the only free generator I found that has the coding FORMAT that google wants.

It's pretty hard to fix something if it isn't even in the same coding format!
Much better to do it right the first time with your code. I update and change my site frequently ( so I've bookmarked your site and sent the others packing!

Peter Oppewall,

I just wanted to say that your sitemap service is the absolute easiest and most convenient way to create a sitemap that I've ever found.

You've saved me tons of time. Keep up the good work!

Ideal Eyewear, is an invaluable tool, allowing me quickly to implement changes to my XML sitemap file which in turn results in greater coverage within Google.

Quick and so simple to use even I can work it :) Highly Recommended!

Mark Rushworth,
Web Design & SEO Consultant

With ever increasing competition coupled with ever changing SEO to do lists, it's a real god send to have found your sitemap tools.

I've used the free on-line tool for my small e-commerce site and its saved me so much time. I don't need to worry about keeping my links up to date and the task has become so simple. Large companies would surely save masses of time and energy. Thanks so very much. I will be purchasing the standalone tool as I am already so impressed by the free online tool that I can't wait to see what other gems you've put in the standalone tool, like automatically informing Google and clearly showing me my changes and more importantly dead links. I highly recommend this tool and what an incredibly low price. I will definitely be putting a link to your site.

Andrew Bailey,
Naturalness - ReCapture Wonder and Awe

Hi, I recently purchased your standalone sitemap generator along with your installation service. I have very limited knowledge of working with these things. Philip was one of a kind; he took care of the entire process and even straightened out some problems from my shopping cart. The price of $29.99 in today's market is next to nothing.

Excellent experience thanks again,


This is a fantastic tool! It is very accurate and easy to use.

I've used other sitemap generators and they were either too difficult to figure out and/or they generated a lot of bad code. Thank you for making this tool available!

Scott W. Nelson,

I run a small tour guiding business around the Stonehenge and Salisbury area of England and I maintain my own website. As a non technical person this involves relearning every time I update or add to my site. This service is absolutely brilliant and after discovering it a few months ago it is one of the most usefull tools I have.

A big thanks.

Pat Shelley,

I love your online site generator. Finding your website ended many hours of struggle to understand sitemaps. It's so easy to use and the broken links function is extremely helpful.

Thanks again.


XML-Sitemaps is an invaluable tool for Google promotion.

Totally Comprehensive. Brilliantly Fast. Idiot Proof!

Takes away all the pain of creating sitemaps - it perfectly listed our SQL driven website and allows me to quickly and easily keep my website sitemap current assisting both in fault finding and Search Engine listings - A Fantastic Service!

Graham Laws,
SIDERISE INSULATION UK became my favorite sitemap generator the day I first saw it and i regularly use it for all me and my clients projects.

Perhaps, this is the easiest sitemap generator found around on the Internet. If you regularly need to generate sitemaps for a large number of sites, should be your first choice.

Codematics Technologies

It saved me thousands of hours of work, Thousands of dollars, A million headaches!

I had a site built with a building tool that had a linking problem, I could have had a million pages online but only the 1st page would have been crawled because of broken links, in this case page links that were not able to be read by a crawler but worked to jump from page to page!

I cant tell you how happy I am I found this tool! Could have charged more! I have already recommended it to other webmasters!

Bill Salvo,
Baltimore, MD

I was getting ready to hire somebody to create a Google XML sitemap for me, but luckily I found your tool before I did. It definitely saved me time and money and I will definitely recommend it to others. It was, fast, quick and easier than I expected.

Thanks a lot!

Bryan Flores

Your online sitemap generator helped me so much. I had trouble using Google's own sitemap generator due to the restrictions on my web server, and I spend a lot of time trying to figure it out.

Finally I found your site and your generator was so easy to use! Within 2 minutes my sitemap was uploaded and within 10 minutes it was accepted by Google.

Thank you so much!

Jen L.,

I spent about 30 minutes wading through the documentation for the official Google sitemap generator, but couldn't figure out the best way to get it to work for my site. Eventually, I figured there must be a better way, and tried searching.

Sure enough, there was your site. I popped in my URL and within a minute had my sitemap up and running.

Thanks a bunch!

Graham Neubig,
phontron - language tools and info

I wanted to have a solution to automatically build my XML sitemap and was struggling from 3-4 days. Then I just heard about your ONLINE SITEMAP GENERATOR SERVICE, through the search engine. It was just the solution, what I needed.

With this service, I was able to build my sitemap in just 25 secs!!

It is easy, fast and a powerfull tool for small and mid sized websites. I wonder, on its performance. For the people who need to maintain their website and should not eat-up much time, this tool gives the easiest way with instructions all over.

Now your Sitemaps tool is just at my BOOKMARKS and is part of my weekly schedule. Thanks and keep going.

Vijay Kumar M,

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